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ETL Developer


CalendarDeadline: June 30, 2022
TimeFull time
Data ScienceData EngineerETL developerPythonPostgreSQLJava

The Software Development Company LLC is looking for a senior-level ETL developer (extract, transform, load) to design and implement ETL processes. Your duties will include reviewing the company's storage needs, creating a data warehouse, extracting data from company servers, products, files, filling the new warehouse or databases, and testing it upon completion.
The position is remote-first, with a requirement to time-to-time attend meetings in Yerevan’s office, or if desired space in the office can be provided.

Successful candidates would have an opportunity to work with an international team of senior-level professionals on an impactful project. 

Planned responsibilities:

  • ETL process management:
    • Outline the ETL process, setting the borders of data processing
    • Provide system architecture for each element and the whole data pipeline
    • Document the requirements of the system and manage its development
    • Take part in the actual development/implementation of ETL tools
    • Conduct testing of the tools and data pipelines
  • Data modeling: define the transformation stage and underlying technologies that will perform formatting.
  • Data warehouse architecture: defining data database/warehouse architecture as well as tools to load data into it.
  • Data pipeline (ETL tools) development:
    • Data cleanup
    • Data extraction from a given sources
    • Data uploading into a staging area
    • Data formatting
    • Loading structured data into the warehouse
  • ETL testing
    • Data model testing
    • Data warehouse architecture testing
    • Representation tools check
    • Data flow validation
    • Uploading/downloading/querying speed testing
    • System performance tests

Required qualifications:

  • Software engineering background and experience in database development
  • 2 years of working experience as an ETL developer or data engineering other roles
  • The tech stack is: 
    • Elastic Search, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, MariaDB
    • Python, Bash
    • Javascript, Java, C++, Scala, Golang experience is a plus
  • English language - candidates should be able to freely communicate about their work. 
  • Russian language is a plus.
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