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CalendarDeadline: April 30, 2023

The Software Development Company LLC is looking for a Chief Technology Officer to join its international team.

The position would be a perfect fit for a tech-savvy person who enjoys dynamic, fresh projects with a significant amount of international travel and communication being involved in the daily work. The position is remote-first, with a requirement to attend meetings in Yerevan’s office time-to-time and travel to Abu Dhabi, UAE when required. 

Successful candidates would have an opportunity to work with an international team of multi-paradigm professionals on a wide variety of projects such as computer vision systems, Machine Learning systems, mobile applications with AR, ERP systems, and digital transformation of governments and businesses.

Planned responsibilities are

  • Coordination and mentorship of all the Chief Engineers of the company
  • Ownership of all the technical documentation of the company
  • Initial discussion with the clients about the technical details of the projects
  • Creation and maintenance of top-notch guidelines and instructions for the technical and related teams
  • Architecture, Front-End, Back-End, and DB design in-house practices
  • Processing Chief Engineers requests. 

The ideal candidate should have 

  • High degree of emotional intelligence 
  • English language - candidates should be able to freely communicate about the work and preferably beyond it
  • Minimum of 8 years of industry experience 
  • Multi-domain technical background. The following is the list of tech stack the company operates with; the more tech the candidate has worked with, the better it is
    • Java 8/11, JavaScript (browser and NodeJS), C#, Bash, Makefile
    • ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, Neo4j, MariaDB, MSSQL, Oracle 
    • Spring Framework, Electron, Apache Camel, Spark, gRPC
    • Docker, Kubernetes
    • CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server
    • Android Platform development
    • iOS platform development
  • Previous experience of doing projects from scratch and successfully delivering for a large number of users.
  • Previous experience of engineering management is a must
  • Knowledge of data structures and common use-cases of those structures is a must
  • Pre-covid experience working remotely is a plus
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