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Chief Engineer


CalendarDeadline: April 30, 2023

The Software Development Company LLC is looking for a Chief Engineer to join its international team. The position is remote, with a requirement to time-to-time attend meetings in Yerevan’s office and travel to Abu Dhabi when required. Successful candidates would have an opportunity to work with an international team of senior-level professionals on a wide variety of projects such as event processing engines with billions of events per day, computer vision systems, Machine Learning systems, mobile applications with AR, ERP systems, and digital transformation of businesses. 

The latest start date for the position is November 2022. 

Planned responsibilities are

  • Technical leadership of the projects from start to the end 
    • Architecture creation 
    • Resource calculation
    • Delegation to the teams
    • Overseeing the progress
    • Deployment coordination
  • Creation and maintenance of software engineering processes and good practices
  • Resolution of tech disputes and decision-making for the tech stack to be used
  • Tech-related sync across different teams working on the same project 
  • Tech documentation of the project
  • Daily communication of technical matters with the clients, partners, and 3rd-party providers
  • Daily work with management for timely delivery of the projects

The ideal candidate should have 

  • English language - candidates should be able to freely communicate about the work
  • Minimum of 8 years of industry experience 
  • Minimum of Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Physics, Math or related field
  • Multi-domain technical background.
    The following is the list of tech stacks the company operates with; the more tech the candidate has worked with, the better it is
    • Java 8/11, JavaScript (browser+NodeJS) is a must
    • C#, Bash, Makefile
    • ElasticSearch, MSSQL, MariaDB, Redis, Cassandra, Kafka, Neo4j,  
    • Spring Framework, gRPC
    • Docker, Kubernetes
    • CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server
  • Previous experience in doing projects from scratch and successfully delivering
  • Previous experience in engineering management
  • Knowledge of data structures and common use-cases of those structures is a must
  • Experience working remotely is a plus
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