iOS Lead Engineer
Senior Level

Deadline: March 10

Full Time

Objective C

The Software Development Company LLC is looking for a senior level iOS engineer to join the team in Armenia! The position is remote or optionally-office in case the candidate is located in Yerevan, Armenia. Successful candidates would have an opportunity to architect and create applications from ground up with a technology stack of their choice. The team consists of highly-skilled and senior level people

  • Lead the iOS development team
  • Participate in the planning sessions
  • Provide brief reports on completed work as agreed with the management
  • Design and develop software as per provided specification
  • Write technical documentation for the developed application
  • Write tests for the code
  • Troubleshoot and address the issues after deployment
  • Optionally the successful candidate can take more responsibility and lead all the mobile development efforts in the company, including android platform or any project with mobile devices
  • Minimum of 6 years of full-time experience writing apps for iOS platform with Swift and Objective C
  • Minimum of 1 year leading development teams with 2+ members
  • English language - candidates should be able to freely communicate about their work
  • Knowledge of data structures and common use-cases of those structures is a must
  • Previous experience writing applications including any of the following features is a plus: Augmented Reality, Live Video Broadcast, Unity Framework (embedded in the app)
  • Experience with Android platform would be required in case a candidate would like to lead the whole mobile development team.
  • Pre-covid experience working remotely is a plus